Syaiful Garibaldi (1985-) was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studied Agriculture at the university, but gradually changed his major to art creating, and finally obtained a degree in printmaking art from the Bandung Institute of Technology. Garibaldi, who has both two fields of science and art, has injected his experience into his creation. He was attracted by the microorganisms and fungi observed under the microscope. He transferred the visual experience of observation to creation. He extended the structure and shape of cells to paper, canvas and videos to create his own painting style. With delicate colours and lines, it depicts the world of microbes that cannot be observed by the naked eye, and the gorgeous picture constructs a new view of the universe. In recent years, he has been active in Asia. He has held solo exhibitions at Singapore Art Gate and ROH Projects in Jakarta. In 2014, he was also invited to Taiwan for the first time to participate in the Guandu Biennale.


  • Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Pen Walking #142, 2014
    Pencil, paper and document 102 x 82 cm(畫心) 104x84cm(framed)
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    Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Seven Words Mantra, 2012.09.15~2016.03.22
    Paper, pencil, glass jar and document 94.5 x 215.6 cm
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  • Qin Yi-Feng / China
    Line Field 3, 1993
    Acrylic on canvas 50x60cm
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  • Syaiful Garibaldi / Indonesia
    Porculen Microorganisms #11, 2018
    Acrylic on board 20.5x28.1 cm
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  • Wu Yi-Ming / China
    Study of Song Dynasty Porcelain 16, 2012
    Ink and acrylic on xuan paper 35 x 50 cm
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