RELAY 21-Ceramic

International Contemporary Ceramics Sep 5-Nov 30

The cumbersome production process of ceramics, plus its reliance on traditional techniques, makes it difficult to escape it's being associated with handicrafts. This limits our deeper understanding and appreciation of ceramic art.

For half a century, continuous breakthroughs and innovations in art forms and media have made ceramics become one of the most important areas in contemporary art. Recently, amazing works by today’s ceramic artists have made international news. In 2014 (the 100th anniversary of World War I), to memorialize the 880,000 soldiers from the UK and its Commonwealth who perished in the conflict, artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper installed 880,000 red ceramic poppies in the memorial park surrounding the Tower of London. Also in London, at the Tate Modern in 2010, renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei revealed his large-scale installation “Sunflower Seeds.” Comprised of 100-million porcelain seeds and weighing over 150 tons, becoming one of the most important representative installations ever made. Furthermore, Japanese artists Yoshimoto Nara and En Iwamura have both presented around the world major shows of contemporary works using ceramic media...

Continuing last year’s RELAY20, we are proud and pleased to present RELAY21: International Contemporary Ceramics, an invitational online exhibition of 26 well-known artists from 16 regions, represented by over 100 wonderful works. Whatever the idea or however the use of material, individual cultural differences and each artist’s unique experimental spirit will be readily visible. Among them, you will discover stunning pieces by Denmark’s artist Charlotte Nielsen and Japanese master Shingo Takeuchi, Chinese artist Liu Xi, Mathew McConnell, Godeleine de Rosamel and Heyja Do from USA, Thai artist Chanakarn Semachai, Lot Brandt from Netherlands, Adam Ulen from Austria, Chris Lo of Hong Kong. Luciano Polverigiani from Buenos Aires. Also artist Zuzana Svatik from Slovakia, Oxana Geets from Russia, Ahryun Lee Korean artist from Germany, Saki Hatanaka, Shoji Mochida and Naoki Kato from Japan, Woojung Koh from Korea, Andrea Maestri from Italy, Andres Anza from Mexico. Also artists Chu Fangyi, Ling Lung Chieh, Lin Ching Che, Yeh Yili, Wu Yu Pei, and Li Xiang Hui from Taiwan.

RELAY21 gathers ceramics of today by praised contemporary artists from the East and the West, making stunning appearances together at the same time. The entire exhibition is divided into five stages, which are presented in the form of a relay race! We look forward to your preview of this grand event on the

RELAY 21-Ceramic First RELAY
Andrea Maestri, Luciano Polverigiani, Chanakarn Semachai, Shoji Mochida and Godeleine de Rosamel Sep 5-Nov 30

RELAY 21-Ceramic 2nd RELAY
Zuzana Svatik, Ahryun Lee, Adam Ulen, Lot Brandt, Chu Fang Yi

RELAY 21-Ceramic 3rd Relay
Charlotte Nielsen, Mathew McConnell, Wu Yu-Pei, Liu Xi, Naoki Kato, Andres Anza

RELAY 21-Ceramic 4th Relay
Lin Lung-Chieh、Oxana Geets、Lin Ching-Che、Koh Woo Jung、Yeh Yi-Li

RELAY 21-Ceramic 5th Relay
Shingo Takeuchi, Saki Hatanaka, HeyJa Do, Chris Lo, Lee Xiang-Hui

Curator: Lingyi Cheng/ YiCOLLECTA