Special Collection: Limited Edition

Always caught by surprise when limited edition works start flying off the shelves?

YiART has just put out a series of limited edition pieces for you to peruse. No need to wait in long lines, or fly abroad to buy these works. YiCollecta makes it easy for you to become a collector of limited edition products!

We have compiled works by eleven artists from all around the world, including US artist KAWS, featuring his signature design, the XX eye pattern. His collaborative works with other brands has created an upsurge in new co-operative signature XX works. Though these limited edition toys are hard to find, YiArt has two different options in stock of these iconic art dolls, you can't miss this opportunity.

We have also collected works by famous Japanese artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Matsuura Hiroshi, Yoshitomo Nara, Tsuchiya Yoshimasa, and Yuki Ideguchi. If you're still feeling guilty about missing the Kusama retrospective- not to worry, YiArt has two prints available that are rarely seen on the market. We also have work by Takashi Murakami, the lead innovator of flat and ultrabright graphic arts, bringing you in the world of colorful cute comics. If Japanese cartoon characters appeal to you, the art of Matsuura Hiroshi will be reminiscent of images from your childhood. The lovely animal cartoon work of Yoshitomo Nara, Tsuchiya Yoshimasa, and Yuki Ideguchi allow you to escape from the realities of daily life, and providing a refreshing alternate landscape.

In addition to these amazing works, we have pieces by artists Daniel Lee, Zhan Wang, and Pu Hao Ming. Daniel Lee is one of the leading creators of contemporary digital art works in Asia. Through fusion of animal and human imagery, his works radiate both animal instinct and human wisdom. Artist Zhan Wang worked in collaboration with the Dutch architect team MVRDV to create work that learns from both cultures, interpreting the human spirit through the lens of beautiful Chinese gardens. Pu Hao Ming's water droplet sculpture, "A Little Kiss", is reminiscent of a pair of lovers; it shows us how angles can change our perspective on a situation.

YiCollecta has selected these seventeen works of art for you to collect, check out this first look at these limited edition pieces and don't miss this special opportunity!

(Exhibition Ended)


  • Takashi Murakami / Japan
    Flower Ball 3-D The Magic Flute;Flower Ball , 2010
    print 70 cm (圓形直徑)
    Edition 300; Set of two pieces