Online Exhibition: Matias Faldbakken Prints Collection


YiCOLLECTA grandly released prints from the Norwegian artist Matias Faldbakken.

Norwegian famous artists Matias Faldbakken, whose artistic creation includes painting, sculpture and video, is also a writer, and his writing in the field of literature is also quite outstanding. Faldbakken is also known for his novels The Cocka Hola Company, Macht und Rebel and Unfun under the pseudonym Abo Rasul. His book has been shortlisted for the prestigious Brage Prize in Norway. (The Brage Prize is the most prestigious of the Norwegian Literature Prizes). As a writer, he also focuses on the fact that art exists in a relationship to context and references.

Faldbakken's artistic creation mainly discusses vandalism and erasure. By deconstructing and undermining forms, he changes the appearance and function of ready-made objects, the possibility of language and the concept of aesthetics are also expressed by him in sampling ways, and experimenting with the use of words and the alphabet in his works, he invents his own artistic languages. One of Faldbakken's most famous works is "Abstracted Car" 2009, in which he burnt a car down in a row, the destruction similarly turned into abstraction, and finally consisted of the burnt remains of the vehicle. Such transformations are at the heart of the artist's practice, destroying before creating.

A consistent characteristic of his work is the poverty of his materials, using flat cardboard boxes or garbage bags, marking them or smearing the original text symbols outside the cardboard boxes. In his garbage bag series, he scrawls incoherent letters and drawings in black marker on dark plastic trash bags, which are then framed and carefully arranged on the display wall. Faldbakken also uses a large number of containers and ready-made objects as the elements of his sculpture works, changing the function of objects by destroying and dismantling them, and by turning everyday objects inside out or squeezing them empty. These works seem to allude to the emptiness of Contemporary society.

Matias Faldbakken, born 1973, one of the most important writers and artists in Scandinavia. He studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen and later at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. He represented his native country Norway at the Venice Biennale in 2005. In 2012, He participated in the prestige exhibition dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel and in 2016 on the 11th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea. His works are included in public collections, such as the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo; MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles etc.

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