Sense from Denmark

Pia Fonnesbech solo exhibition 7/14-9/30

Into the Pia Fonnesbech’s world of painting, what we can see is bright and strong colors. The simple objects and the natural brushstrokes that totally show Pia’s sense of colors in her paintings. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Fauvist master Henry Matisse used a large number of bright colors in his paintings. Now, in Pia's paintings, we can faintly see the influence of Henry Matisse.

Pia never waits for inspiration. She is always inspired while she is painting. Maybe the brushstroke she painted or maybe the color she used which will inspire her to paint. To Pia, the objects in her paintings are not the highlights, the colors she used instead. Color is like a mirror, which could reflect the artist’s mind and we find the true essence of creation.

Although Pia said that there is no story in her painting, we seem to be able to see the fragments, atmosphere, emotions, and context of a story in it. Inadvertently, we will be pulled into Pia's color world.

Born in 1961 Denmark, Pia Fonnesbech studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Royal Academy of Art in Gothenburg, Sweden. She currently works and lives in Denmark. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions, such as the Ilulissat Art Museum in Greenland, the K2 Contemporary Art Center in Turkey, and the Madona Art Museum in Latvia. She once exhibited with Yoko Ono and other artists in the Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition in Oslo. In 2010, she exhibited with Olafur Eliasson and other artists at Nicolai Wallner. Her work is part of public collections including the Swedish Art Council, the Rose Art Museum in the US, Konstenheten CKO, Gothenborg, Edlunds, Gladsaxe Commune, and Varde Commune.

(Exhibition Ended)