Qin Yi-Feng (1961-), born in Qinghai, now lives and works in Shanghai. Graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, he is currently a teacher of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts as well. Qin learned calligraphy at an early age, and the spiritual cultivation and aesthetic form of calligraphy deeply influenced his future creation. Around 1922, he established a painting style called "Line Field". The early works of "Line Field" construct a cube with lines, and explored the composition of lines and planes, the connection between planes and solids, and the overlapping and reversal of space, which fully embodies the complete and rigorous form of beauty. Later Qin abandoned the cubic style, gradually becoming more refined, and the colours were more delicate and exquisite, and the simplified composition created boundless changes. Qin is also a collector and researcher of Ming dynasty style furniture, and he also employed the furniture as his creation.


  • Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Pen Walking #142, 2014
    Pencil, paper and document 102 x 82 cm(畫心) 104x84cm(framed)
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    Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Seven Words Mantra, 2012.09.15~2016.03.22
    Paper, pencil, glass jar and document 94.5 x 215.6 cm
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  • Qin Yi-Feng / China
    Line Field 3, 1993
    Acrylic on canvas 50x60cm
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  • Syaiful Garibaldi / Indonesia
    Porculen Microorganisms #11, 2018
    Acrylic on board 20.5x28.1 cm
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  • Wu Yi-Ming / China
    Study of Song Dynasty Porcelain 16, 2012
    Ink and acrylic on xuan paper 35 x 50 cm
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