Wu Yi-Ming (1966-) was born in Shanghai, China. Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of East China Normal University. Wu, who learned traditional calligraphy and painting, has profound calligraphy skills. He has outstanding ability in the use of ink colour smudge and brushwork, and can fully demonstrate the restrained and introspective beauty of calligraphy. Wu also deviated from the tradition when he was inspired by it. He painted urban lives, flowers and plants, insects in pots, and his favourite Song porcelain. The theme of the creation was taken from his personal surroundings. Wu escaped from the traditional symbolic themes. He employed the perspective of ancient art, peeked into the connection between the modern world and people. Besides China, Wu Yiyi has also exhibited in Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States.


  • Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Pen Walking #142, 2014
    Pencil, paper and document 102 x 82 cm(畫心) 104x84cm(framed)
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    Shi Jin-Hua / Taiwan
    Seven Words Mantra, 2012.09.15~2016.03.22
    Paper, pencil, glass jar and document 94.5 x 215.6 cm
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  • Qin Yi-Feng / China
    Line Field 3, 1993
    Acrylic on canvas 50x60cm
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  • Syaiful Garibaldi / Indonesia
    Porculen Microorganisms #11, 2018
    Acrylic on board 20.5x28.1 cm
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  • Wu Yi-Ming / China
    Study of Song Dynasty Porcelain 16, 2012
    Ink and acrylic on xuan paper 35 x 50 cm
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