Han Hsiang-Ning (1939 -), was born in Chongqing, Sichuan. He is one of Taiwan's renowned photographers, an early member of the Fifth Moon Painters Group. He graduated from Taiwan Normal University's Fine Arts Department, studying early abstract painting. In 1970 his style transitioned to photographic realism, switching from brushes to spray paint, specializing rubbings and a style of pointilism. In 1976 he was selected as one of the artists in Bicentennial: Artist- Immigrants of America, held at the Hirschorn Museum in Washington D.C. After 1985, he switched to creating digital images, but he gradually returned to ink painting. Han Hsiang-Ning has exhibited at major museums around the world, including: the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, the Hershey Art Museum in Washington, the Whitney Museum in New York, the Brooklyn Art Museum in New York, and the New York City Museum of Art. He has work in major institutions such as: Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; as well in private collections including: Chase Manhattan Bank Collection, Schroeder Bank Collection, Richard Brown Baker Collection, Sidney & Frances Lewis Collection, Lawrence Ruben Co. Collection, and in Hong Kong's m +.


  • Hsiao Chin / Taiwan
    One.s entering process , 1972
    Lithograph 25x25cm
    9 pieces a set. Edition of 75.

    Ho Kan / Taiwan
    2014-29, 2014
    Oil on canvas 畫心22x27cm, 含框44.5x49.5cm

    Ho Kan / Taiwan
    Untitled, 1978
    Pastel on paper 35x25cm

  • Hsia Yan / Taiwan
    獅子啣劍, 1993
    Arcylic on paper 39.8x39cm

    Wang Pan-yuan / Taiwan
    Ink on paper 21x21.5cm

    Liang Zhaoxi / Chinese French
    Untitled, 1996
    charcoal on paper 32x24cm

  • Ho Kan / Taiwan
    2016-5, 2016
    Oil on canvas 畫心27x22cm, 含框49.5x44.5cm

    Chin Sung / Taiwan/USA
    魚之意象, 1958, Edition 7
    Edition 25x46cm, 版數7

    Han Hsiang Ning / Taiwan/USA
    Impression of New York in airbrush points, 1970
    mixed media 24x36吋(紙);畫心:22x34吋
    Edition 5

  • Li Yuan-chia / Taiwan
    mixed media on 24x24cm
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    Wang Pan-yuan / Taiwan
    Ink on paper 45.5x35.5cm

    Chin Sung / Taiwan/USA
    Untitled , 1963
    Acrylic on paper 35x25cm